For Sale: 1951 Ford Pilot V8 (Sold)

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Make/Model: 1951 Ford Pilot V8
Exterior: Black/Maroon
Interior: Brown Leather
Year: 1951
Mileage: 36,961 (miles)
Price: £9,000

Here we have a lovely 1951 Ford pilot V8 that we are advertising this on behalf of our customer, this pilot is in good condition overall, all original but does require some work on the interior and exterior. The Bakelite is in very good condition, The V8 engine runs well and has plenty of power, although the exhaust manifolds are blowing.

Gears are smooth to change using the column shifter, it handles well, drives good and the brakes work as well as can be expected for a 70-year-old car!

Exterior is Black and Maroon with brown leather seats and brown interior, the paintwork is in good condition with some patches of rust on the wings and running boards, interior carpet could do with replacing and possibly the headlining.

There is not a lot of history that comes with this Pilot, but we (The Motor Garage Ltd) have given it a check over, and it seems like a good, honest and solid all original car! The mileage is reading 36,961, and it last had an MOT in August 2012, although it looks like it would not take much to put it through a MOT.

This is the perfect car if you are looking for an original, untouched car that you can restore to perfection! It even comes with a boot full of spares!

If you would like to view it, we can put it over an inspection pit where you can look over the full vehicle, including the underside.

This car is no longer available.

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